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Welcome to the, I guess, third English entry.

This one will contain: some annotations on your comments, a premiere of the trailer for my brickfilm 'Encryption', photos and the story of my rucksack (the black/red checked one) and some Portugal stuff. And maybe more, we'll see.

I went to the cinema with my parents to watch 'Ice Age 3'. The movie is nice, but it's not worth to pay watching it. Waiting for it to be shown on TV is totally okay.

And yes, I got my socks. One day later I went to 'Teufelsküche' to get my dyeing product, but my favorite colour was sold out. The one I got is a little bit brighter, that's okay. In addition, I went through one billion buttons to get six (six were cheaper than buying one or two or three.. you know what I mean). Let's see what I bought:


(the usual: click to get the bigger version)

My voice is okay, didn't practise this much the last days. [chrm]. Since we have the voice of Jamelia in the back, it's all going to be okay. Atleast, I hope it's going to be okay.

What else is on my list? Ah, the brickfilm. Finished editing on Wednesday. Most of my work consisted of getting audio material and putting it in the right part of the trailer. Anyway, here it is, the trailer for my brickfilm, which will be called 'Encryption'!

I need the list, otherwise I'll forget half of the topics...

Okay, the rucksack. I didn't like only having two patches and two buttons. Hence it was time for a change. By now I can't get lost, because I got a cowbell on it. See it for yourself:


(be prepared for a very very big image...)

And last but not least: Portugal! W00t! I collected about 20 vouchers á 50 cent. Seems like I don't need money for eating and drinking in Germany. [mwhahahahahaha]. You know another nice fact? I can communicate in every country we're driving through. Countries are: Belgium, France and Spain. Okay, and Portugal. Therefor I got a language guide with the most important words/phrases. I'm God! [not, svenja, not!].

Keep cool everyone, next entry in good old German!

Svenü <3

11.7.09 11:57

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Knuddelkissen (11.7.09 19:07)
Okay, a cowbell... hm, interesting....
NIRVANA ) Like it

I don't understand the brickfilm... a very big ?


well see you... hope that you are going to writhe one before you go to ugal xD
hold you dear

(12.7.09 18:42)
hihi ^^
wtf? i think, i won't know you if you are by my side. you'll blame all the people around you with this stupid cowbell. (<-- btw, what a stupid word for a stupid thing XD)
and this song ... it's ... i don't know the word in english, i think ... bescheuert? i don't want to ask leo ... -.- Xd
the brickfilm ... do you have moved all the figures with you hands and cuted you hands then out of the picture? that's a lot of work, i think ... but it's funny ^^
my bag is much to little for all the things i want to pack in it -.- the bag will explode .... so, before you get headache causes by my worse english, i'll stop this comment now ^^ i hope, the fourth entry is in english, too? ^^

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